The making of my Etsy shop.

When I was a teenager I took a class from a local studio in jewelry making and it quickly became my passion. I had a jewelry business where I designed and purchased items for resale in a retail environment in many mall locations. I kept at my business and also raised a family. All this happened before the internet!

I started selling my jewelry in a lovely local handmade store after my marketing in mall craft stores came to an end. This worked out well as I could be a mom and still have a hand in making jewelry. Things were nice, but you never know where life is going to take you. I was playing on my computer and discovered the Etsy website. It took a while for things to take off, but it was worth the wait. In fact it is still a bit of a roller coaster ride. Etsy has been wonderful, and I enjoy all the people that I have met and made jewelry for so much. I am dedicated to working at this. There is so much to learn about jewelry making, and I want to improve my skills to be the best I can be and provide my customers with products they will love.

Some of my designs are made from the lost wax casting process. I design and over see the production of these items. They are my original designs made for my Etsy shop. The metal is purchased special to insure the quality from a local sources in Los Angeles.

Other rings and necklaces in my line are a combination of findings, chains, and precious metals that I combine to make rings, necklaces, earring, and bracelets. I find something that inspires me and turn it into a ring or a necklace by soldering, stamping, and assembling it. Most of these findings are purchased from a very reliable company that promotes women artist around the world. The other metal used for these items are from a most reliable company that promotes eco friendly products.

There are a few other items that maybe sourced from other companies that I have relied on over the years to use in my designs such as chains, earring post, and flowing karma links that I use in the production of my work.

I recycle my metals to the refineries that also sell products such as casting grain that they use from the recycled metal products they purchase.

I like my jewelry to be high quality, beautiful, and interesting to my customers. I love to make items that have a modern twist and that can be worn daily. My customers have taught me that not only is jewelry beautiful, but that it touches the heart and that is really the most special thing about it.

I hope you enjoy.
Thanks for reading.

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